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Attention to detail, achievement excellence: Daohe
Author:handler   time:2018-09-22 09-39-41

China IDC circle reported on October 28: Different people have different personalities, tastes and appreciation. In today's era of advocating personality and quality, the server chassis is designed with high-end appearance, good quality and high cost performance. Professional manufacturers of road and server chassis have a long history in the manufacturing of server chassis, from OEM, ODM to building their own professional server chassis brand: Daohe.

Recently, in the chassis manufacturing industry, the company has introduced several new chassis: 390nm series (D1390, D2390, D4390), hot swap series (R104, R218, R316, R422), ITX-Mini series (I7) , I9).

The 390 nm series is cost-effective and elegantly designed. The front panel is black, and the panel has a lot of air holes, which are both beautiful and breathable. The whole design is well-defined and clean. The D1390 is designed specifically for IDC. It supports ordinary PC motherboard 12*9.6", and comes standard with Flex power supply and chassis kit. D2390 supports PC motherboard 9.6*9.6", hard disk is 4*3.5" HDD and ATX power supply, mainly used in monitoring and routing. D4390 It is a cheap 4U solution that can support 12*13 dual to powerful board and ordinary ATX power supply. Free tool design makes you feel comfortable.




The track and hot-swap series are designed to be more demanding for storing data and backing up data. This series can support 12*13′′ dual Xeon motherboard backward compatibility. In addition, the switchable hard disk cage cooling grid can provide better heat dissipation for the server. The horizontal SAS backplane can be compatible with SAS and SATA hard disks. The horizontal backplane makes the air duct more smooth and solves the problem of heat dissipation of the hard disk. The R104 supports 4*3.5′′ hot-swappable hard disk, and the power supply is 1U professional power supply. R218 supports 8*3.5′′ hot-swappable hard disk hard disk, power can be 2U power switchable redundant 1+1 power supply. R316 supports 16*3.5′′ hot-swappable hard disk and 2*2.5′′ hard disk, power supply can be ATX The power supply can switch redundant 2+1 power supply. R422 supports 20*3.5′′ hot-swappable hard disk and 2*2.5′′ hard disk, and the power supply can switch redundant 2+1 power for ATX power.




Road and ITX-Mini series I7, I9, galvanized steel plate 1.0mm, full mold technology, piano paint shell, black aluminum wash panel, standard DC-DC, power adapter and 6cm silent cooling fan. Accurate production process, strict QC quality inspection, will always inherit the characteristics of the road and products.



The quality of the road and server chassis is well-known at home and abroad, and these chassis are more refined, not only careful and meticulous in design, but also user-oriented everywhere. Whether it is to display the beautiful appearance of the owner's personality, or to use the material and the internal design of the work, it expresses the sincerity and full of sincerity, and is definitely your best value choice.

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