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Tao and Tang Zenan: Users and innovation need to grasp both hands
Author:handler   time:2018-09-22 09-39-22

IDC Industry's iconic brand event - "China IDC Industry Annual Grand Ceremony" will kick off in Beijing on December 16th. The 4th IDC Industry Annual Conference will focus on "IDC Industry Breakthrough" and "Internet Operation and Maintenance Innovation" "The organizing committee will join hands with senior government representatives, college representatives, telecom operators, IDC operators, Internet companies and other industry colleagues to discuss the breakthrough of China's IDC industry and promote the scientific development of Internet operation and maintenance innovation, making it a road to economic recovery. A beautiful scenery!

 China IDC Circle specially planned the “IDC Industry Breakthrough and Internet Operation and Maintenance Innovation Interview” before the 4th China IDC Industry Awards, “IDC Industry”, “Online Game”, “Web Game”, “Video Website” and “E-Commerce”. "SNS social networking sites" and other Internet-based and hotspot industries conduct high-level investigations, interviews, and write survey reports, aiming to explore some opinions and suggestions for the development of the entire industry of the Internet through the investigation of the upstream and downstream industries of the Internet. Analyze the roles and roles played by each link, so that each other can cooperate with each other in a more open and win-win situation, improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, and better enable the orderly health and scientific development of various horizontal and vertical related industries. It also contributes to the national upgrade of the Chinese Internet.

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