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Author:handler   time:2018-09-22 09-06-54

Product Name: 1U430

Chassis style: 1U rack

Chassis size: 430mm × 430mm × 44mm (length * width * height)

Product material: 1.0mm SGCC steel plate

Motherboard support: 12" x 9.6" motherboard and below

Power support: 1U standard power supply, Flex power supply

Hard disk support: 2 3.5" hard drives or 4 2.5" hard drive slots

Cooling system: center 2*4038 fan

Front port: 1* switch, 1* reset, 2*USB, 1* power light, 1* hard disk light,

Backboard: none

Expansion card slot: 1 full-height horizontal expansion card slot

Guide rail: optional

Carton size: 600mm × 380mm × 120mm

Chassis weight: 2.5 kg

Overall gross weight: 3.6 kg

Guangzhou Baocheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as: Guangzhou Daoqin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and system integration of server system equipment. The production plant is located in global IT manufacturing. Industry base - Guangzhou. Its own brand "DAOHE Road. and ®" has rapidly emerged in the server field with its outstanding professionalism and mature technology.

The company relies on science and technology for development and innovation, and we wholeheartedly provide users with satisfactory high-tech products. At present, it mainly produces server chassis, power supply, network card and motherboard, and provides deep customization service for server platform. At the same time, we are dedicated to providing customers with a variety of OEM / ODM design and manufacturing.


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